Portable Power Stations

Environmentally friendly and more portable with higher capacity.

EnerVision Inc.

EnerVision Inc. has completed the final design and is ready to launch two premium portable power stations: the EV200 and EV450.

The EV200 is compact, weighing only 3.2 lbs, but has a battery capacity of 190Wh. The EV450 comes in at only 7.94 lbs but with a capacity of 444Wh, which is powerful enough to jumpstart a car.

Both products are the smallest and lightest portable power stations, yet, have higher capacity and affordable Li-ion battery portable power stations.

Each of the two power stations offers:

  • A 500-life cycle

  • 80 percent residual capacity

  • Charging via solar panel

  • Uses premier Li-ion battery cells from LG Chem and ATL

For more information, visit https://enervisionbattery.com.

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