Direct Incandescent Replacement LEDs

Drive energy-saving solutions for a range of applications.

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Visual Communications Corp.

Visual Communications Company is adding several direct incandescent replacement LEDs to its ever-expanding lineup.

The new models allow manufacturers, designers and end-users ways to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. They include T-2 Slide Based LED lamps, in voltages ranging from 12V to 120VAC, as well as T-3 1/4 Miniature LEDs.

T-2 Slide Based LED lamps:

  • Fit directly into standard incandescent sockets.

  • Deliver increased reliability and operation life.

  • Offer significantly lower energy consumption and heat output.

The T-3 1/4 miniature LED lamps:

  • Deliver longer life.

  • Use up to 90 percent less energy than incandescent lamps.

  • Eliminate downtime due to bulb replacements.

  • Ideal for drop-in replacements used within push button indicators.

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