Safety Controller with Integrated OPC UA Server

New Industry 4.0-compliant solution.

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Schmersal Group

Schmersal Group presents a new Industry 4.0-compliant solution at SPS IPC Drives 2018: the PROTECT PSC1 safety controller with integrated OPC UA server.

The connection from the PSC1 to the industrial machine-to-machine communication protocol will allow extensive information from Schmersal products to be included in manufacturer-neutral data exchange. In addition, this solution allows Schmersal products to deliver maintenance information, meaning that components can be replaced before before they reach end-of-life or lose performance level.

  • Programmable, modular safety controller.

  • Universal communications interface allows data exchange across different fieldbus systems.

  • Handles different fieldbus systems with just one hardware.

  • Integrated OPC UA server allows sensors to provide data in a machine-readable format.

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