Module for Simple BLE Applications

Speeds integration and enhances time to market.

Laird Bl651 Pr Image
Laird Technologies

Laird announced the release of its new Bluetooth 5 module series, which simplifies the process of bringing wireless designs to market. 

Building on the success of the BL652 and BL654 series, the BL651 is a cost-effective solution for simple Bluetooth Low Energy applications that provides all the capabilities of the Nordic nRF52810 silicon in a small, fully certified module.

  • Designers can use the Nordic SDK and SoftDevice or Zephyr RTOS to build their application.

  • PCB footprint drop in compatible with the BL652 Series of modules, allowing flexibility to upscale designs.

  • Applications include IoT sensors; medical, wellness, and fitness devices; and industrial sensor networks.

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