Dual Output 15W and 30W DC-DC Converters

Offer 4:1 input range.

Ccg D Group Pr Oct18
TDK Corp.

TDK Corp. announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda 15W and 30W rated dual output CCG DC-DC converters.

Operating over a 4:1 input range, the highly efficient products are enclosed in a 1 inch by 1 inch six-sided shielded metal case.

  • The CCG-D models are available with +/-12V or +/-15V outputs which can be used in series to provide a single 24V or 30V output.

  • Both can operate from either a 9 to 36Vdc or 18 to 76Vdc input.

  • The wide range enables inventory reduction programs as the converters can operate from either 12V and 24V or 24V and 48V nominal inputs without the need to stock two parts.

  • With operating efficiencies of up to 92%, the CCG series will operate in ambient temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees C with a maximum case temperature of +110 degrees C.

  • Applications include data and telecommunications, process control, broadcast, battery powered and test and measurement equipment.

More information can be obtained at https://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/products/ccg-series.htm.

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