Enclosure with Air Ventilation System

Prevents internal condensation and preserves high protection Class IP65.

New Altech Akiii Air Enclosure
Altech Corp.

The “AKIII Air” enclosure from Altech Corp. is equipped with a patented air ventilation system to remove moist air from its internal surface before condensation can develop and threaten enclosed equipment.

The system’s air ventilation element maintains an IP65 rating, providing complete protection against contaminants, water, and any contact with internal components.

  • Exchangeable filter element mounted inside the distribution box adds value by capturing and retaining airborne particles as small as 10 µm or larger.

  • Suited both for outdoor and indoor applications promoting protection against rain, sleet, snow, and external ice formation, as well as dripping water indoors.

  • Durable polycarbonate material is maintenance free and, unlike steel boxes, resists corrosion and harmful mechanical and impact stresses.

  • Available in seven sizes to accommodate space requirements for internal components
    and with various options for component mounting.

For more, visit www.altechcorp.com.

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