Partstack Launches Semiconductor Chip Search Platform for Engineers

It offers datasheets, guides for chip testing best practices, and counterfeit component reporting features.

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Partstack Corporation, a provider of data solutions for the semiconductor and electronic components industry, today announced Partstack Marketplace—a complete semiconductor chip search platform designed by engineers for engineers, designers, and equipment manufacturers.

Did you survive the great chip shortage? Still on the front lines battling it out? Next time, (and there will almost certainly be a next time) arm your team with Partstack. Partstack brings global semiconductor buyers and sellers together to quickly locate, buy, or sell millions of hard-to-find semiconductor parts from over 2,500 unique manufacturers. Partstack launched to users on the one-year anniversary of President Biden's $280 billion CHIPS Act—and more advanced site features are expected to roll out through 2023 and 2024.

"Our goal is to give our users unprecedented access to the semiconductor market's most comprehensive component pricing and part availability data from a curated "stack" of diverse global suppliers," said Jit Sivalogan, head of brand strategy at Partstack. "We've built in time-saving tools and features, including a "one-to-five" chip comparison tool, technical part specifications for design and regulatory compliance, and manufacturer financial and production site insights to support even today's most sophisticated buyers."

To help component buyers avoid counterfeit parts in their supply chains, Partstack offers datasheets, guides for chip testing best practices, and counterfeit component reporting features not available anywhere else.

Want to learn more about how Partstack supercharges global semiconductor supply chains and helps engineers, purchasing professionals, and chip distributors find each other? Visit Partstack at

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