Corvette Stingray Debuts Hardtop Convertible

The new Corvette ditches the cloth for a composite roof.

When GM announced this summer that they’d be moving the engine in the 2020 Corvette, people went bonkers. It was like Beatlemania. 

That’s because the change to a mid-engine was just one piece of a complete overhaul: a redesign from the ground up that, according to Chevy, that left only a single part carried over from the original. 

But there was more in store, as Chevy debuted its Stingray this week, announcing it would feature its first-ever hardtop convertible. 

The new ‘Vette will be ditching the cloth for a lightweight composite roof that swaps out a hydraulic system for six motors that can fold the top up or down at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. When the roof is off, it lives in a heat -resistant compartment that shields it from the massive heat that’s kicking off from the ‘Vette’s 495 horsepower engine. 

According to Autoblog, the leader engineer on the project says the company will likely build at least 50 percent of the new Corvette as convertibles and that this version only adds 77 pounds of weight compared to the traditional coupe. It also adds to the purchase price, though, so expect to dish out about $7,500 more for the model. 

That said, you’re getting some cool features no matter which you choose. According to Chevy, the door handles and hatch and hood releases are flush, offering “a perfectly clean appearance and improved aerodynamics.” Between three trims an a “Corvette Configurator” program, the sky is the limit in terms of colors, wheels, accessories and more. The mid-engine design allows a rear trunk to be paired with front cargo space large enough to fit your carry-on. 

See, who says you can’t have it all?

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