Bollinger Reveals B4 Commercial Electric Truck

The Bollinger B4 is driven by a solid rear-axle e-drive to meet demand for higher payloads.


Bollinger Motors announced its Class 4 all-electric fleet truck, the Bollinger B4.

The new Bollinger B4 incorporates years of feedback from dozens of major fleets looking to electrify their vehicles. The result is a cab-forward truck, designed from the ground up to offer maximum cargo volume, accommodate unlimited adaptation, and prioritize safety.

"The cab-forward design also increases both overall cargo space behind the cab and critical downward visibility in front," said Kent Harrison, chief product officer of Bollinger Motors. "The B4's 41-foot turning circle will be better than any comparable wheelbase truck -- which will improve driving dynamics in both rural and urban settings."

The Bollinger B4 is driven by a solid rear-axle e-drive to meet demand for higher payloads. High-voltage components operate on an 800-volt platform, with batteries consisting of LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry, which ensures safety and reduces cost. Customers may outfit their B4s with either one or two battery packs to accommodate cost and range requirements. Range estimates exceed current customer need and offer roughly 100 miles per battery pack. 

Bollinger Motors will track test B4 chassis cab trucks this fall with numerous fleet customers, upfitters, and charging companies to gather constructive feedback.

Bollinger B4 customers will benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act recently signed into law by President Joe Biden, with the B4 expected to be eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $40,000 under the newly created 45W Commercial EV Tax Credit.

Bollinger will begin production with Class 4 Chassis Cabs -- with Class 5 and Class 6 trucks to follow. Price and release date for the B4 chassis cabs will be announced at a later date.

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