Flaming Supercar; Ford's EV SuperTruck; Medical CEO Imprisoned | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 176

Also on the podcast, factory ruins searched after deadly fire, 112-year-old manufacturer tries new recruitment strategy, railroad crash fallout across the nation, LEGO moon bricks and Northrop Grumman's new X-Plane.

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Fake Medical Implant CEO Sentenced to Six Years in Prison - @3:56

Laura Perryman is the former CEO of medical device company Stimwave. Perryman orchestrated a wild healthcare scam that saw dummy medical devices getting implanted into patients suffering from chronic pain.

112-Year-Old Minnesota Manufacturer Tries to Recruit Workers from Florida, Puerto Rico - @13:44

Warroad, Minnesota is home to Marvin, a company that has been making doors and windows for more than 100 years.

Ford's Electric SuperTruck Wins Grueling Pikes Peak Race - @22:59

Late last month, Ford Performance said it planned to conquer "America's Mountain" and advance electric powertrain R&D.

Investigators Search Battery Factory Ruins After Fire Killed 23 - @33:39

More than 100 people were working at a factory in South Korea when a fire broke out and killed nearly a quarter of the staff.

Koenigsegg Issues Stop-Drive After $3 Million Car Bursts into Flames - @45:00

Luxury carmaker Koenigsegg recently issued a stop-drive and recalled just 28 vehicles.

In Case You Missed It

Railroad Crash Fallout Spanned 16 States, 540,000 Square Miles - @1:00:19

A study found that there were elevated levels of the chemicals in an estimated 14% of U.S. land.

Northrop Grumman's New X-Plane Gets Official Name - @1:09:23

The X-plane for DARPA's Series Hybrid Electric Propulsion AiRcraft Demonstration (Shepard) program has received its official designation, the XRQ-73.

LEGO Bricks Are Helping Scientists Build Astronaut Shelters on the Moon - @1:15:39

This would be the first attempt to build structures on the Moon.

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