5 Minutes with ID: Jan Poehland On the State of EDI in Distribution

We chat with the CEO of Comparatio on how usage of EDI among distributors has changed since the pandemic started, and it's evolving role going forward.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced countless distributors to rapidly optimize and scale-up their e-commerce operations and electronic data interchange software to handle more transactions and the documentation involved.

But even though EDI has been around now for decades, there are still distributors who are just getting started with it, and like e-commerce, there’s often hesitancy involved - especially amid smaller distributors - who find it difficult to progress from the manual tasks their staff have been doing for a long time and don’t want to add any form of complexity.

In this episode, I chat with Jan Poehland, CEO of supply chain software solutions provider Comparatio, which has plenty of expertise in helping distributors boost their efficiency through EDI, about how he’s seen demand for EDI change over the past two years and its evolving role for distributors going forward.

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