Hose Failure Spills Thousands of Gallons of Diesel Fuel

By the time the overnight spill was contained, more than 30,000 gallons had leaked.

On Wednesday morning, a hose was found detached from a diesel fuel storage tank at a power plant in Delaware.

By the time the spill was contained, some 30,000 gallons of fuel had leaked onto plant property, located on the Indian River. 

According to a spokesman from the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the spill happened when the pressurized hose separated from the above-ground tank. A U.S. Coast Guard representative added that the fuel poured into a "secondary containment area," according to Delaware Online.

Plant operator NRG said the spill remained on the facility's property; however, local officials will assess any potential impact on wildlife and monitor the cleanup. The company said the fuel didn't contaminate public land or waterways, but it stopped short of giving the spill's precise location. 

In June 2021, NRG announced that the coal-fired power plant would close by June 2022 due to low power prices. The company will also shutter two plants in Illinois. Coal-fired plants have had trouble keeping pace with natural gas-fired plants that operate more efficiently, particularly in a region near Pennsylvania's abundant gas fields.

Delaware has also continued to invest in alternative energy production, including wind power. 

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