A-Team Van Goes Up for Auction

The custom GMC is one of six used to promote the show.

If you were an active consumer of the incredible TV entertainment offered by the 1980s, you most certainly watched The A-Team.

The premise of this series had so much to offer: a fictional special ops unit accused of a crime they didn’t commit, complete with plenty of chase scenes and fisticuffs. And one of the most memorable elements of the show was the custom GMC van driven by BA Baracus, portrayed by pro wrestler and icon Mr. T. 

Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of a mercenary lifestyle, riding around in your own souped-up conversion van, then you may be in luck because Worldwide Auctioneers has announced it will be selling off an officially licensed A-Team van in January.

The Scottsdale-based auction house says it will auction this bad boy without reserve on Jan. 23. And while this won’t be the same vehicle actually used in the series, it is verified to be one of six used to promote the show, meaning it’s visually accurate down to the orange stripe and machine gun holsters.

Auto writers at Jalopnik ran the VIN number and revealed that the van is actually a Chevy vehicle wearing GMC branding, and it has 90,000 miles on its odometer — signaling its use as show car and not, unfortunately, a real-life Mr. T hauler. That said, you can pretend — auction house photos show it is outfitted with the fake weaponry and true-to-TV embellishments, making it “welcome at shows and events everywhere,” says Worldwide Auctioneers.

As if you needed any more reasons to justify going all on the A-Team van, here’s another: the proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the J. Kruse Education Center, an organization providing career pathway development to students and transitioning veterans.

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