The World's Most Expensive Mask

The custom face mask features 18-karat white gold and 3,600 diamonds.


For most of us, wearing a mask is solely about utility, but there are those, of course, who like to be a little bit extra. Enter the mask-as-fashion-statement — a.k.a., the absolute last thing that most of the world is thinking about.

And yet, one Israeli company is taking the world’s favorite accessory to an absolute extreme.

Yvel, a jewelry maker, has revealed that it has a custom mask in production that’s been commissioned by a buyer in America with two requests: that it be ready by the end of the year, and that it be the most expensive mask in the world.

According to the AP, Yvel owner Isaac Levy said making it the most expensive was the easy part. The 18-karat white gold mask will manage to fit in some N-99 filters amongst the 3,600 diamonds adorning the face covering and straps.

But the embellishments, while flashy, won’t exactly help the wearer with effectiveness. It weighs in around half a pound, which is reportedly 100 times heavier than your standard surgical mask.

Levy says he’s grateful for the opportunity to produce the $1.5 million mask, and that the order gave his business enough work to be able to retain some employees amid the economic downturn.

Speaking of the downturn: will the buyer have the brass to actually wear this thing out in public? We’ll have to watch and wait. But don’t watch without protective eyewear. You might go blind if you actually catch a glimpse of the world’s most expensive mask.

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