BlueForge Gives $1 Million to Boost Submarine-Making Workforce

They are targeting underserved populations to support a five-fold increase in sub construction rates.

Dvirc Press Release Image
Business Wire

The Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC) has been awarded a $1 million contract by BlueForge Alliance to address the demand for increased workforce and capacity in the U.S. Submarine Industrial Base (SIB). DVIRC will create and deploy a regional strategy and taskforce to spur enterprise engagement, elevate opportunities to expand capacity and connect more people to the mission across Southeastern Pennsylvania’s defense industrial base workforce.

“The Navy is on a generational journey to recapitalize its sea-based strategic deterrence and to guarantee a capable and enduring undersea presence in times of peace and conflict,” said Rear Admiral Scott Pappano, Program Executive Officer, Strategic Submarines. “Achieving that goal means strengthening supply chains to ensure America’s submarine industrial base has the capability, capacity and skilled workforce to maintain our existing fleet and manufacture one Columbia and two Virginia class submarines per year beginning in Fiscal Year 2028— which amounts to a five-fold increase in submarine construction rates.”

DVIRC supports more than 5,500 manufacturers within Southeast Pennsylvania. About 25% currently support the defense industrial base. This award will help increase the number of current manufacturing suppliers and strengthen all companies, including an expanded and trained labor market, targeting underserved populations, modernized and technical capabilities and best in class product and process improvements.

“It is estimated that as much as 20% of the Columbia-class supply chain will come from the surrounding regions of the Delaware Valley," DVIRC President & CEO Chris Scafario said. "The growth associated with this historic program is likely to spawn a revitalization of our regional manufacturing base, create thousands of family sustaining careers in manufacturing and contribute hundreds of millions of dollars in value added impact for our region."

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