Automated Level Measurement Eliminates Need to Climb Silos

Enhance operational safety with a proven system of sensors and data delivery options.

Automate level measurement of powders and bulk solids with a SmartBob inventory management system. Eliminate the need to climb silos, and enhance safety at your operation with a proven system of sensors and data delivery options.

The SmartBob sensor works like an automated tape measure. Mounted on top of the silo, the sensor drops a weighted cable to the material surface. Upon impact, the cable retracts while counting pulses that are converted to a level measurement. Measurements are programmed at predetermined time intervals to show changes in inventory over time.

SmartBob is ideally mounted 1/6 of the diameter from the outside perimeter of the silo. This distance is proven to provide the most accurate inventory data, accounting for the angle of repose in free-flowing materials.

Level data from the sensor can be sent to Binventory software installed on a PC on a local area network. Alternatively, data can be accessed from the internet using the BinView web app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Convenient consoles can display height of product or headroom information from the SmartBob at ground level from a centralized location - making important inventory information easily accessible to drivers at truck load outs.

Customize your SmartBob solution with …

a wide variety of mounting plates for 0 to 40-degree angled roofs.

wireless accessories to reduce wiring costs in single or multi-point wireless networks.

and sensor options for measuring the level of settled submersed solids through a liquid—such as in brine tanks.

SmartBob is a smart, sensible solution designed to streamline and simplify inventory.

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