PCAP Support and Tuning Tool

Helps users define, align and change the settings and parameters of their touch displays.

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Data Modul

Data Modul presents the easyANALYZER 4.11, the latest version of the company’s own PCAP support and tuning tool.

The easyANALYZER helps users define, align and change the settings and parameters of their touch displays on their own, regardless of whether they are using a touch controller from MICROCHIP or ILITEK. 

In addition, the latest software version easyANALYZER 4.11 is compatible not only with new controller variants but also with new firmware versions. This means that all maXTouch USB boards, including the mXT640T/U, mXT2952T2 or ILITEK ILI2510, can now be recognized and parametrized as usual. Operation of future controller upgrades such as the mXT2952TD will also be simplified.

The implementation of PCAP technologies in a display is hardly a trivial process. The influences of conductive noises in touch sensor capacitive fields are visible, in most cases, only in the finalized system. Also, every controller communicates differently with different protocols. 

The easyANALYZER 4.11 helps to ideally align the overall system to the relevant application area. It recognizes independently the implemented (USB) controller and the pre-defined settings. The dynamic GUI of the easyANALYZER allows the user to easily change the settings, for example to the sensitivity (touch threshold) or the definition of the number of touch events (multiple fingers).  The final settings can then be archived for production.

For further information, visit https://www.data-modul.com/

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