Automated Gage, Accessory and Software Solutions

Helps electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers improve part quality and operational throughput.

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Whether you are manufacturing parts for pure battery electric, mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles, Adcole has automated gaging solutions for your high-performance manufacturing needs.

Engineered to provide accurate and repeatable data, Adcole metrology solutions provide electric motor, gearbox/transmission, output, balance, eccentric and other shaft manufacturers certainty that key production specifications can be held.

Manufacturing tolerances as low as single-micron (μm) levels can be supported with accuracy capabilities reaching sub-micron performance. With electric motor rotation speeds escalating toward 20,000 RPM and beyond, Adcole gages are uniquely capable of providing the quality control data necessary to build tomorrow’s sophisticated NEVs.

Some key parameters that Adcole gages and accessories can evaluate for NEV manufacturers include:

  • Bearing diameter
  • Roundness
  • Straightness
  • Chatter
  • Surface roughness

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