Handheld Resistance Weld Checker

Supports process development and production applications for a range of resistance welding technologies.

Mm 410 A Picture 1
Amada Miyachi

Amada Miyachi America announces the new MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker, ideal for both monitoring and troubleshooting issues in production. 

The compact unit supports a wide range of resistance welding technologies, including: 

  • AC, DC inverter
  • AC inverter
  • Transistor
  • Capacitive discharge

Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface and color touch panel display, the MM-410A provides information on current, voltage, weld time, and force. 

The MM-410A is ideal for use in process troubleshooting, where it can be used to correlate waveform and numeric data with process results and provide detailed weld data for process optimization and validation. If used continuously in a production environment, it reduces scrap by detecting drifts in the weld process and alerting operators before process failure. 

The MM-410A also reduces the frequency of destructive testing and provides an independent way of monitoring the welding power supply by detecting any drifts in welding power supply calibration.

For more information, visit https://amadaweldtech.com/.

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