Flow Rate Transmitter

Supports connectivity for remote programming and flow monitoring.

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AW-Lake adds the RT-50 Flow Rate Transmitter to its Bluetooth Series of Products that support remote monitoring and programming of its flow meters from the convenience of a smartphone.

The FAC-S Analog Output Sensor and FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter also offer Bluetooth connectivity and analog output options when interfacing with AW-Lake Flow Meters and other instrumentation. Bluetooth connectivity provides an added convenience for users to monitor and program flow meters from the convenience of a smart device.

The RT-50 Battery-Powered Flow Rate Transmitter offers a local and remote display of flow rates in locations where equipment is exposed to different environmental elements. When operating locally, the transmitter offers a six-digit LCD display that continuously shows either the flow rate or total. When using Bluetooth connectivity, users can opt to view readings and adjust rate, total, reset, sleep mode, or time on a smart device.

The FAC-S Analog Output Sensor is ideal for users of AW-Lake flow meters that want a voltage, current or handheld flow reading. Mounted directly to a gear or turbine flow meter, the FAC-S Analog Output Sensor provides five user-selectable analog and current outputs including 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, and 2-. Using the Bluetooth interface, users can program and watch live flow measurements from the convenience of a smartphone. 

The microprocessor-based FAC-S Sensor supports process monitoring, data acquisition and signal conditioning in various industries.

For more information, visit https://aw-lake.com/product/rt-50-battery-powered-flow-rate-transmitter/

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