G-Range MEMS Inertial Accelerometers

Now offered in both ±10 g and ±50 g ranges.

Silicon Designs 2227 Series Expansion March 2019 Final
Silicon Designs

Silicon Designs announced that additional, new g-ranges and end-user enhancements have been added to its Model 2227 MEMS inertial accelerometer series.

Initially launched in October 2018 as a strictly ±25-g product, the Series is now offered in both ±10 g and ±50 g ranges, respectively.

In addition to its direct drop-in replacement compatibilities, Model 2227 Series units now include a built-in adjustable scaling factor. The scaling factor allows an end-user to achieve greater accelerometer voltage output flexibility, at any specified g-range, of as much as 25%.

For more, visit https://www.silicondesigns.com/2227.

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