Leak-Tight Gas Pumps

Designed for safe transport and evacuation of costly, high-purity, rare or dangerous gases.

Maze Leak Tight Pump 4x4 300dpi Cmyk

KNF double-diaphragm, oil-free pumps are designed for the safe transport and evacuation of costly, high purity, rare and/or dangerous gases.

In the patented double-diaphragm system, the primary diaphragm does the work, while the safety back-up diaphragm keeps gas from escaping in the event of a failure. Additionally, the pump is designed to prevent contamination from external influences.

These pumps are particularly well-suited for many chemical, nuclear, or process engineering applications, including:

  • Gas sampling and monitoring
  • Cryostats
  • Pulse tube and dilution refrigeration
  • Helium liquefiers

Learn more at https://knf.com/en/us/no-escape.

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