Compact, High-Flow Gas Pump

Offers outstanding high flow, pressure and suction performance.

Nmp830 Hp Example Pump Configurations2 4x4 300dpi Cmyk

KNF has introduced new micro gas pump NMP830 HP for OEM customers.

This new diaphragm pump offers outstanding high flow, pressure, and suction performance in a compact size. It is ideal for medical therapy, monitoring, and reprographic applications.

The NMP830 HP measures just 1.25” in width but produces free flow up to 5.5 L/min with a single head design and to 10 L/min with a dual head.

Furthermore, this pump produces best-in-class pressure of up to 3.0 bar g (43.5 psig) and vacuum down to 50 mbar absolute (28.4 inHg).

Thanks to its compact size, high performance, and quiet operation, the NMP 830 HP pump is particularly well-suited for use in patient monitoring, wound and compression therapy, and respiratory care devices.

Additional applications that will benefit from the pump’s features include:

  • Environmental monitors
  • Security monitors
  • Inkjet printing
  • Color printers and plotters
  • Lab equipment
  • Fuel cell technology

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