New Si2-Series Acoustic Imager

Three models in the new Si2 family are designed for detecting compressed air leaks, specialty gas leaks, mechanical faults, and partial discharges.

Flir Sized

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company (Wilsonville, OR), has announced the expansion of its versatile Si-Series of acoustic imaging cameras with three models in the new Si2 family, designed for detecting compressed air leaks, specialty gas leaks, mechanical faults and partial discharges: the Si2-Pro, Si2-LD and Si2-PD. The Si2-Series offers industrial-grade solutions for the detection of air and gas leaks as well as mechanical faults such as bearing issues, addressing the top inspection requirements for industries such as manufacturing, electrical and utilities.

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FLIR’s new Si2-Series cameras provide superior performance, with the ability to identify issues over longer distances, detect and measure with increased sensitivity and produce more accurate classification of issues.

The new Si2-Pro, the Si2-LD and the Si2-PD models offer the best image quality on the market. Improvements in acoustic camera picture quality include 12 MP color camera, 8x digital zoom and LED illumination for addressing dark areas. The Si2 also has increased battery life to keep professionals in the field longer without the need for swapping power sources. The specialty gas leak quantification and cost estimates have been expanded beyond compressed air to include other common industrial gases such as hydrogen, CO₂, methane, helium, argon, ammonia and more.

The Si2 cameras apply an array of acoustic imaging advancements that work to detect and quantify air and gas leaks, mechanical faults and partial discharge, making them the top-performing acoustic imaging cameras on the market for these types of detections.

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