Miniature Pressure Regulator

Features enhanced regulating valve, larger 10-32 threaded inlet and outlet ports and simplified internal construction.

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Beswick Engineering

The Beswick PRD3 series miniature pressure regulator builds on the proven technology of our award winning PRD2 regulator series.

It is an ideal choice if your inlet pressure will decrease over time, as is typical when gas is supplied from a gas cylinder, or the inlet pressure will fluctuate by a significant amount.

The PRD3 incorporates:

  • Frictionless pressure sensing elements.

  • Optimized valve to sensing area ratio.

  • Two stages of regulation.

  • Proprietary regulator technology  for control of low pressures.

The maximum inlet pressure rating is 500 psi. Outlet pressure ranges are: 0 to 5 psi, 0 to 10 psi, 0 to 20 psi, and 0 to 30 psi. It weighs only 25 grams in aluminum and 66 grams if you select a brass or stainless steel model.

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