High Accuracy Current Sensors

Wide bandwidth, fully isolated and affordable sensing.

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Aceinna announces its new MCx1101 family of ±5A, ±20A, and ±50A current sensors for industrial and power supply applications.

The MCx1101 are fully integrated, bi-directional current sensors that offer much higher DC accuracy and dynamic range compared with alternative solutions.

These new current sensors also guarantee an offset of ±60mA, or ±0.3% of FSR (max) over temperature, which means that high accuracy can be achieved over a roughly 10:1 range of currents.

The “all-in-one,” easy-to-integrate sensor can be used in:

  • Inverters

  • Motor control

  • Industrial robots

  • Manufacturing systems

  • Telecom and server farm power supplies

  • EV charging stations

  • IoT appliances

  • Home automation

  • Many other tech applications

For more, visit https://www.aceinna.com/

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