Steering Wheel Sensor for Warehouse Trucks

All550 Allied Motion Sws 72 Dpi
Allied Motion Technologies

Allied Motion Technologies has introduced the SWS Steering Wheel Sensor, a compact, steer-by-wire steering wheel feedback sensor designed specifically for warehouse vehicles like reach, counterbalance, and lift trucks.

Steering wheels can be mounted directly to the SWS and connected to a CAN bus. Without the need for a mechanical connection, truck designers are free to position the steering wheel where it is most suitable from all aspects — ergonomic, practical, and economical.

Highlights include:

  • Compact and flat, the unit mounts directly to most vehicle steering wheels

  • High-resolution sensing (≥16,384 steps/rev)

  • Integrated connector for simple installation and high reliability

  • IP67 rated, complies to PL d according to ISO13849

  • CAN communication output

  • Excellent steering feel

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