XZG Positioning Stages

Featuring high-precision, 1 mm per turn lead screws.

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An extensive series of XZG Positioning Stages (X-axis, Z-axis, and Goniometer) is the newest addition to the OES family of high-precision motion control stages.

Built to order, a user can select from any combination of linear stages with travel lengths of 15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, and 75 mm for both the X and Z axes that feature high precision 1 mm per turn lead screws, and, if required, travel lengths over 100 mm are also available.  

Additionally, any of three goniometers with +/-10, +/-15, +/-45 degrees of travel can be selected and mounted in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Additionally, four motor options are the: -01 version which has Stepper Motor driven axes, -02 version has Three Phase-Servo Motor driven Axes, -03 version has DC Servo Motor Driven Axes and -04 version has Stepper Motor Driven Axes with Quadrature Optical Encoders for position verification. 

The X and Z axes feature positional accuracy of 10 microns and repeatability of 5 microns, and each of the goniometers (G axis) feature an accuracy of 0.05 degrees and +/- 0.01 degrees repeatability. For the highest resolution, accuracy, and speed options -02 and -03 for closed loop servo operation are available.  

These stages are ideal for: 

  • Laser scanning
  • Machining and drilling
  • Optical bench
  • Alignment
  • Mirror positioning
  • Inspection
  • Testing

Each axis is equipped with two limit switches to signal the motion controller for end-of-travel positions. The Goniometer axis has a calibrated scale for visual indication and precision pattern of threaded holes for mounting tooling or fixtures. 

For more, visit https://www.oesincorp.com/.

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