Economical Multi-Axis Controller

Ideal for applications requiring high levels of coordination and synchronization between axes.

Kollmorgen Qmp Synq Net 300 Dpi

Kollmorgen’s QMP-SynqNet Series is an ultra-high-performance multi-axis controller for precision applications. It incorporates a 64-bit 1.2GHz processor for maximum axis count, with servo update rates up to 48 kHz supporting up to 64 axes and 64 SynqNet nodes.

Kollmorgen recently introduced the QMP-LT (Lite), an economical version that offers the same features and functionality as the1200 MHz model, with the processor operating at 400MHz. 

All QMP series models reflect a substantial increase of performance over the ZMP series of Kollmorgen SynqNet controllers. The controllers are optimized to work with MechaWare for the ultimate in precision control, and are available in PCI, CPCI, and PCIe form factors. 

Ideal for application requiring high levels of coordination and synchronization between axes. Real-time operating system support through the SynqNet network reduces overall cost by enabling deterministic usage of host processor for optimized machine design. Shared memory map architecture minimizes latency and maximizes machine throughput while on-the-fly motion and gain set modifications minimize cycle and settling times.

Other features include:

  • CPU: PowerPC 64-bit floating point, 400MHz
  • Memory: 512MB DDR3/600MHz
  • Connectors: RJ45 SynqNet In/Out connectors, high-density D-15 I/O connector
  • Over 16,000 bits of digital I/O and 1,000 points of analog I/O available through SQ I/O nodes
  • Self-healing, fault-tolerant operation using ring topology
  • Hot-replace allows replacement of nodes without network shutdown

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