6 Degree-of-Freedom Nano-Positioner

By far the most angular travel range available.

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Alio Industries

Alio Industries announces the Angulares Hybrid Hexapod.

The 60-degree tip/tilt travel of the Angulares Hybrid Hexapod is by far the most angular travel range available from any 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6-DOF) positioner on the market and offers the same unmatched positioning performance found in any of ALIO’s full-line of Hybrid Hexapod systems.

The Angulares features: 

  • Precision crossed roller bearing guides
  • Optical incremental or absolute encoder feedback on all axes
  • Linear motor and/or servo ball screw drives
  • Unlimited programmable tool center point locations and coordinate offsets
  • Zero backlash on all axes. 

The design makes the Angulares capable of unlimited XY travel, Z travel for 62 mm which can be increased to 208 mm using other tripod models, tip/tilt travel of 60 degrees (+/- 30 degrees) with continuous 360 degree Theta-Z, XYZ bidirectional repeatability of less than +/- 0.6 arc-seconds, velocity up to 100 mm/second XY and Z, and less than 10 nanometers linear and 0.1 arc-seconds angular minimum incremental motion.

The Hybrid Hexapod was developed to address the inherent performance limitations of conventional hexapods. ALIO’s Patented 6-DOF design seamlessly blends and takes advantage of the strengths of serial and parallel kinematic structures while avoiding their weaknesses. The Hybrid Hexapod offers far greater functional versatility, nanometer-level accuracy, repeatability, and superior 6-DOF trajectories than is possible with any traditional hexapod or stacked stage configuration.

For more, visit www.alioindustries.com.

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