Torque Limiter Sprocket

A powerful and long-lasting torque limiting solution.

Tq Sprockets Picture
U.S. Tsubaki

U.S. Tsubaki is pleased to announce the launch of the Torque Limiter Sprocket — a complete assembly providing both the torque limiter and sprocket together as one unit.

The all-new Torque Limiter Sprocket combines Tsubaki’s engineering and manufacturing with high-quality Tsubaki Sprockets and Overload Protection devices to create a single device that provides a powerful and long-lasting torque limiting solution.

Up to now, the method for purchasing torque limiting devices required end-users to assemble the limiting device, springs, bushings and sprocket by themselves. Tsubaki has revolutionized the torque limiting device industry by offering all these components pre-assembled and bored-to-order. 

End-users can now simply install the fully assembled unit to the shaft, set the torque limit, and move forward with operation.

Tsubaki Torque Limiter Sprockets are designed to improve both the customer ordering process and installation experience over the existing line of Tsubaki Torque Limiters. 

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