Spring Actuated Electromagnetic Brakes

Provide reliable dynamic braking when the power is disengaged.

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Miki Pulley

Miki Pulley’s BXW Spring Actuated Electromagnetic Brakes provide reliable dynamic braking when the power is disengaged and excellent performance in long-term holding applications.

BXW brakes utilize internal compression springs to provide power-off, fail-safe braking. The primary moving part in this robust but simple brake design is the armature plate. When actuated, the brake compression springs push the armature plate into the friction disc when power is disengaged. This feature provides fail-safe braking and allows the brake to maintain position over long periods of time, thus preventing machinery from “coasting” when powered off.

Miki Pulley BXW Brakes function at full torque rating right out of the box, so no startup run-in is needed. They are available in three different models for either single use braking, holding or both braking and holding.

Additional features include: 

  • Quiet operation
  • High holding torque
  • Space saving
  • Long service life
  • Stable, reliable braking power
  • Manual release mechanisms

For more information, visit www.mikipulley-us.com.

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