Brushless Linear Motor

Ideal for long-stroke, closed-loop servo, linear motion applications.

H2 W Blsm 1 F High Force Motor 4x5x300
H2W Technologies

H2W engineers developed a compact high force brushless linear motor (BLSM-1F) that can generate 300 lbs at a 10 percent duty cycle and 100 lbs at a 100 percent duty cycle.

The motor can be driven using either a trapezoidal or digital standard three phase brushless amplifier. This brushless linear motor is designed for applications that require a wide speed range and a relatively high force.

Advantages include:

  • Using a standard three-phase brushless amplifier

  • Multiple coils can operate on the same magnet track assembly

  • Unlimited stroke length

  • High force to moving mass ratio

  • The magnetic attractive force creates preload for a bearing system

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