Electric Power Steering Systems

Compact, integrated steering for all sizes of warehouse and autonomous vehicles.

All545 Allied Eps Series 300 Dpi
Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies introduces the electric power steering series for steer-by-wire warehouse vehicles, autonomous AGVs, and similar material transport vehicles.

The EPS series is a compact, fully-integrated motor, gearbox, controller and optional output pinion.

It is available in 3 frame sizes and 16 models to cover virtually any electric steering requirement in applications from small pallet lifters to AGVs/AGCs to multi-ton reach trucks.

Allied Motion EPS series highlights include:

  • 24, 36, or 48 VDC battery operation (72-80 VDC optional).

  • EN13849 approved.

  • Customizable mounting flange, output shaft, and output gear.

  • Can be used in cold storage environments with temperature down to -35°C.

  • Optional tiller arm.

  • Optional turning wheel absolute position control.

  • CAN communication for control and diagnostics.

For more information, visit https://www.alliedmotion.com.

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