Electric Power Steering Systems

All545 Allied Eps Series 300 Dpi
Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies introduces the electric power steering series for steer-by-wire warehouse vehicles, autonomous AGVs, and similar material transport vehicles.

The EPS series is a compact, fully-integrated motor, gearbox, controller and optional output pinion.

It is available in 3 frame sizes and 16 models to cover virtually any electric steering requirement in applications from small pallet lifters to AGVs/AGCs to multi-ton reach trucks.

Allied Motion EPS series highlights include:

  • 24, 36, or 48 VDC battery operation (72-80 VDC optional).

  • EN13849 approved.

  • Customizable mounting flange, output shaft, and output gear.

  • Can be used in cold storage environments with temperature down to -35°C.

  • Optional tiller arm.

  • Optional turning wheel absolute position control.

  • CAN communication for control and diagnostics.

For more information, visit https://www.alliedmotion.com.

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