Closed Loop Linear Stepper Stage

Brushless linear motor allows previously unachievable speeds, accelerations and accuracies.

H2 W Closed Loop Linear Stepper Stage 4x5 300
H2W Technologies Inc.

H2W Technologies introduces the LSS-016-04-006-01A-ME, one of a revolutionary new series of low profile linear stepper motor positioning stages.

The stage integrates an absolute linear encoder and a single-axis linear stepper motor stage, which enables the linear stepper motor stage to operate as a 2-phase brushless linear motor when coupled with motion control electronics.

  • Ability to run closed loop stepper motor.

  • High accuracy and repeatability.

  • Ability to run in horizontal or vertical orientation.

  • Low profile, compact, small footprint, open type, positioning stage.

  • Cable carriers to route system and payload cables.

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