Stainless Steel Modular Control Valves

Preconfigured valves simplify installation and minimize downtime.

Spira Trol Control Valve
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco announces the addition of stainless steel to its Spira-trol line of modular control valves.

The valves leave the factory preconfigured for the intended application, simplifying installation and minimizing customer downtime.

Spira-trol valves can accommodate more than 2,500 configurations, to meet the needs of almost any system or application. Unlike conventional valves with screw-in seats, Spira-trol valves feature a quick-change, “clamp-in-place” seat that allows them to be modified to match changing plant conditions, rather than replacing the entire valve.

No special tools are required, and there is no need to take the valve out of the line, which simplifies maintenance and avoids costly plant shutdowns.

In addition to stainless steel, Spira-trol valves are available in carbon steel and cast iron and include both electrically and pneumatically actuated models. Sizes from one-half inch to four inches, as well as flanged ANSI 150 versions are available. 

Spira-trol valves also come in sizes up to eight inches with ANSI 600 pressure envelopes, offering complete control solutions for HVAC, process, power and severe service applications.

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