Thick Film Chip Resistors

Provide superior pulse handling in both single pulse and continuous pulse applications.

Stackpole Rpc Series Image

Applications that experience pulse events require special consideration for selecting resistors. General purpose thick film chip resistors have variable pulse handling depending on calibration trim length. As a result, their pulse performance can be unreliable.

Stackpole’s RPC series has limited trim lengths for 1% and tighter tolerances and no calibration trim for 5% and wider tolerances. Reducing or eliminating the calibration trim allows the RPC to withstand significantly higher pulse energy in both single pulse and continuous pulse applications.

For example, the RPC2512 may have single pulse handling of roughly 4500W for short pulse durations where commodity thick film chips will only withstand 100 to 500W.

The pulse handling for the RPC with the tighter controlled or no calibration trim is very reliable and repeatable.

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