Desktop and Portable Instrument Enclosures

Improved bezels enhance their aesthetics and make them even more customizable.

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The popular Unimet and Unimet-Plus desktop and portable instrument enclosures from Metcase (Bridgeville, PA) now feature new improved bezels – enhancing their aesthetics and making them even more customizable.

Design engineers specify Unimet and Unimet-Plus for a wide range of applications, including medical, test & measurement, industrial control, peripherals and interfaces, switchboxes, communications and more.

The enclosures’ new bezels now comprise eight sections – four diecast corners, two horizontal and two vertical extrusions. This means Unimet and Unimet-Plus can now be offered in custom heights as well as bespoke widths and depths. The new corner castings also offer other benefits: they are cast from zinc which allows finer tolerances and an even better fit and paint finish.

On both enclosures, the new bezel is assembled to a fabricated aluminum main case with a removable U-shaped top. Both also feature a removable rear panel that is recessed to protect connectors and switches. Other features common to both models include four non-slip rubber feet and the option to specify a bail arm. This indexable handle can be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle.

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