Mini Snap Acting Switch

Reduces required component count.

Zmv Series Pr Image

C&K has developed a low to high power snap acting switch designed for automotive handles, HVAC, IoT and the medical market.

The ZMV allows for actuation to occur from different angles onto the pin plunger version. This allows for less components to be used in an end product, while not sacrificing usability and practicality.

The ZMV snap acting switch combines a space-saving design with high reliability all within a compact design that is only 13.3mm x 7 mm x 5.3 mm. The ZMV Series features a long stroke and robust actuation force that allows for applications to ensure reliability for when the switch is actuated.  This solid force actuation has a click audible sound which provides feedback for actuating, and can also be helpful for troubleshooting if there is an issue with the switch.

The ZMV is available in either standalone or wire harness solution with IP67 protection. Flexibility with the switch options allows for a wider range of uses which applies across industries.

Offering higher reliability compared to traditional snap acting switches, the ZMV series is available with either a silver or gold contact.  The gold contact allows for use in ultra low current applications, and in turn has longer lasting reliability. 

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