Rotary/Click Control Knobs for Menu-Driven Electronics

For devices manufactured in high volumes.

Okw2021 05 Hr

OKW has launched advanced new rotary/click control knobs for menu-driven electronics – typically for devices manufactured in high volumes.

These elegant and ergonomic tuning knobs fit rotary potentiometers or encoders with round shaft ends (DIN 41591). They are ideal as the central element of menu-driven interfaces.

Applications include:

  • Measuring and control
  • Medical
  • Wellness and laboratory technology
  • HVAC
  • Communications
  • Smart factory and building control systems

Soft-touch control knobs are easy to grip and comfortable to operate. They can be illuminated if required, using SMD LED technology (5 V). RGB LEDs allow individual lighting and colors, illuminating a translucent optic ring on the top and the pointer line.

The knobs are available with or without a pointer line on the side for fine scaling. They fit securely on potentiometer spindles, using the tried and tested collet fixture system. The maximum torque for installation is 1.5 Nm (function 1.2 Nm).

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