Bobbin-Type Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

Specially modified for use in the cold chain.

New Tadiran Cold Chain Batteries

Tadiran, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries, offers bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl 2 ) batteries that have been specially modified for use in the cold chain, enabling wireless sensors to continuously monitor the transport of foods, medicines, vaccines, and tissue specimens that are frozen or packed in dry ice.

Bobbin-type LiSOCl 2 batteries feature a non-aqueous electrolyte that is uniquely adapted to survive at -80C, which is required for transporting the new COVID-19 vaccine.

These cells are also utilized in GPS asset tracking, RFID, environmental monitoring, and other ultra-long-life applications that require high capacity and high energy density.

Key performance features include:

  • Higher voltage (3.6V)
  • 2X the energy density of other leading chemistries
  • Service life of 20+ years
  • Small form factor
  • Glass-to-metal hermetical seal (not crimped elastomer gasket)
  • ISO-9001 certified and UL-recognized

Tadiran cold chain lithium batteries are available in 1/2AA, 2/3AA, AA, C, D and DD cylindrical cells, wafer cells, and custom battery packs. In addition, Tadiran manufactures a complete line of 40-year LiSOCl 2 batteries, including cylindrical, coin-sized, and battery packs. Tadiran also manufactures Pulses Plus batteries for high pulse applications, and TLI Series 20-year Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

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