Micro Pitch Board-to-Board Connector

Delivers high transmission speeds for industrial equipment.

Hirose Er8 Series Pr Image

Hirose developed a miniature board-to-board connector that combines a rugged design with high-speed transmission speeds of more than 10 Gpbs. 

The ER8 Series, featuring a pitch of only 0.8 mm, is optimized for signal integrity performance to ensure ensuring reliable high-speed performance. 

  • Licensed second source for the Samtec Edge Rate Series, which is well-suited for servo motor, servo amps, AC drives, electric measuring instruments and other industrial applications

  • Wide self-alignment range with reduced mating force while maintaining high extraction forces in comparison to typical micro pitch connectors

  • Increased contact wipe and insertion depth, making them ideal for industrial equipment that require high-mating cycles and resistance to shock and vibration

For additional information, visit https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/ER8.

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