Dynamic CAD Configurator

Users can configure desired parameters and immediately download a model that’s ready drop into a final assembly.

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Dynatect Manufacturing Inc.

Dynatect announces the launch of a user-friendly dynamic CAD configurator for its extensive cable carrier line.

The system allows users to download 3D models and get 24/7 instant access to a dynamic CAD and part number builder. Dynatect’s industry leading CAD interface supports formats for all major CAD systems and requires no registration or password.

Designers and engineers experience tremendous value when they can download a model — rather than draw it from scratch — but a download of a static model means designers must modify the part for the application.

Dynatect’s dynamic CAD system eliminates this extra work:

  • Configures desired parameters such as length, width, and bend radius.

  • Offers immediate downloads ready drop into a final assembly.

  • Addresses multiple bracket types and arrangements.

  • Approachable for all users.

  • Seamlessly built into the existing product pages.

For more, visit https://dynatect.com/resources/cable-carrier-cad-files/.

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