United States Marshals Service To Adopt TASER 10 and VR Training

The training pilot will prepare US Marshals for real-world scenarios.

Axon Logo
Axon Logo

Axon, a public safety technology company, announced that the United States Marshals Service (USMS) has deployed Axon's next-gen less-lethal energy weapon, TASER 10. The USMS will also be piloting Axon's VR Training solution to support the deployment of TASER 10 and to provide more affordable and accessible training across a variety of immersive real-world scenarios.

TASER 10 will play a role for the USMS in training and equipping Deputy U.S. Marshals in fugitive apprehension, judiciary security, and safeguarding witnesses under the purview of the Witness Security Division. Advanced capabilities of TASER 10 include the ability to deploy 10 individually targeted probes at a longer range of up to 45 feet, enabling users to create their own spread and affording more time and space for decision-making, reducing risk for everyone involved when stopping a threat. By leveraging Axon's VR Training with this deployment, the USMS will also benefit from training that enables officers to build muscle memory and train to proficiency on TASER devices without the need for extensive training time and live cartridge consumption. This deployment will ensure a cohesive approach to law enforcement operations and replace the USMS's existing inventory of TASER X26P devices.

The TASER 10 will integrate with Axon body-worn cameras using signal activation. This integration enables the auto-activation of cameras when the device is pulled from the holster. This feature ensures that critical moments are captured automatically, enhancing situational awareness and accountability and is supported by Axon's digital evidence management system, which has achieved FedRAMP High Authorization for US government customers.

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