BAE Systems' Armored Vehicle Prototype Packs an Unmanned Mortar Turret

It would help keep soldiers completely under the armor protection provided by the vehicle.

Bae Systems Has Delivered A First In Its Kind Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle Turreted Mortar Prototy
BAE Systems

BAE Systems has delivered what it's calling a first-of-its-kind Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) Turreted Mortar prototype to the U.S. Army. The prototype showcases a newly designed top plate system—the External Mission Equipment Package (ExMEP)—that allows for the easier installation of a variety of turrets. This vehicle prototype is also outfitted with the Patria NEMO remote-controlled 120mm turreted mortar system.

The result of a rapid collaborative technology investment effort involving the U.S. Army, BAE Systems, and KONGSBERG/Patria, the prototype demonstrates potential variant growth for the highly adaptable AMPV family of vehicles. By using a fielded and fully-qualified asset like the AMPV chassis, it gives the Army options to field combat capabilities—such as the Patria NEMO—to Soldiers who need them at a much faster pace and reduced cost.

The AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype that leverages BAE Systems' ExMEP to rapidly integrate the NEMO 120mm mortar system is an indirect and direct fire support platform that can be used in multi-mission scenarios. The system enables Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact fire missions where up to 6 mortar rounds can hit targets simultaneously in less than 25 seconds while the vehicle is stationary or on the move.

The AMPV Mortar Carrier variant, which is one of the five variants currently in production with the Army, is comprised of the legacy 120mm mortar system. This new AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype offers a significant enhancement that would not only allow for increased capabilities and force protection, but also keep soldiers completely under the armor protection provided by the vehicle.

Over the next several months, the Army will run the AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype through rigorous field evaluations to mark its capabilities against what Soldiers would require in the battlefield.

This is the second turreted AMPV prototype in the last three months that BAE Systems has showcased, the other being a Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) capability, that utilizes the ExMEP top plate. As the future of battle evolves, the purpose-built framework of the AMPV platform exemplifies endless opportunities for seamless capability integration for the Army's Armored Brigade Combat Team. 

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