BAE Systems Tests Self-Propelled Howitzer Modified with 52 Caliber Cannon

The M109-52 is a significant upgrade to the current 39 caliber cannon.

M109 52 Side View Shot
BAE Systems

BAE Systems successfully fired 155 millimeter projectiles from a M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer modified with the Rheinmetall L52 155mm, 52-caliber cannon. The M109-52 is a significant upgrade to the current 39 caliber cannon and provides the additional range required in large-scale combat operations.

"We've demonstrated that the integrated system of the M109-52 is a viable solution for long-range precision fires modernization needs," said Dan Furber, director of Ground Vehicle Production for BAE Systems' Combat Mission Systems business. "Integrating these two highly capable and proven artillery systems provides stable designs and predictable performance."

The test, conducted at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, proved the compatibility of the L52 cannon with the M109A7 platform during the live fire exercise. BAE Systems plans to conduct additional testing in 2024, which will highlight extended range across a variety of projectiles. 

"Integrating Rheinmetall's world-class, battle-tested L52 artillery cannon system into the M109 platform will ensure tactical fires overmatch in a capability assured, timely, low-risk manner," said Joe Chan, vice president of business development at American Rheinmetall Munition.

Rheinmetall's L52 artillery cannon system is currently the backbone of nine NATO and allied partner nations' tactical artillery forces. Integrating this world class, combat-proven system on the M109 platform will deliver expanded interoperability on day one with battlefield partners.

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