Gun Manufacturer Says Idled Factory Could Make Medical Gear

Remington Arms said it is ready to "enlist in wartime production."


Remington Arms has offered nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space in New York to make medical supplies.

According to a report from the Ithaca Journal, CEO Ken D'Arcy notified President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo that the space is unused and available. The company shut down until April 30 after Cuomo ordered non-essential workers to stay home.  

The Remington space could be used to fill shortfalls in ventilators, masks or even hospital beds. As of Tuesday, New York state was still in need of about 30,000 ventilators.  

In the letter, D'Arcy added that ventilators are needed to win a new kind of war. He said Remington is ready to "enlist in wartime production.”

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