3D-Printing Network Mobilized to Fight Virus

Stratasys wants to produce 5,000 full face shields by the end of the week.


Stratasys is working to 3D-print 5,000 full face shields for medical personnel by March 27. To make it happen, the company has mobilized its global 3D-printing network to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The company has donated printing capacity across all regions spanning Stratasys, GrabCAD, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and its partner network.

The shields are no cost to the recipients and include a 3D-printed frame and a clear plastic shield. 

Some hospitals are down to six days worth of inventory and the pandemic is still building momentum.

Stratasys is posting the printing and assembly instructions on its COVID-19 response page. Organizations can request 3D printed products, offer 3D printing capacity, or request 3D printers or material for medical- or safety-related purposes at www.stratasys.com/covid-19.

Every 3D printing shop in the U.S. is invited to join the effort. 

Medtronic and Minneapolis-based Dunwoody College of Technology are providing support for the plastic shield material.

Next, the company is joining the effort to design a new rapidly deployable ventilator.

The CoVent-19 Challenge is an initiative led by anesthesiology residents of Massachusetts General Hospital. They are looking for engineers and designers to help develop a new rapidly deployable ventilator to address the ventilator shortage. Stratasys is promoting the effort to the GrabCAD community of more than 7 million professional designers, engineers, manufacturers and students.

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