Toilet Paper Makers Navigate 'Uncharted’ Events

Many mills were running 24 hours a day even before the coronavirus pandemic.


The COVID-19 virus has driven panic-buying, and no single product has been more impacted than toilet tissue.

Unable to keep this commodity in stock, stores have instituted policies limiting the number of packages that can be purchased by each customer.

Many toilet paper makers were reportedly running 24/7 operations even prior to the pandemic. This creates a challenge in responding to the demand spike, and may mean converters need to scale back production of other products, like paper towels, in exchange.

Still, Georgia Pacific managed to ship out 20% more than its normal capacity last week.

Despite this, production could be hampered if workers begin to contract the virus and factories become short-staffed.

Other worries for toilet paper makers are longer-term: if consumers stock up now, they may not buy again for months, leading to a slump in orders for suppliers.

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