Fake Scooter Crash Covers Up Fatal Accident

After a 19-year-old fell three stories at a construction site, the project foreman deliberately crashed a scooter into a utility pole in hopes of preventing a work stoppage.

On March 14, police were called to the scene of a traffic accident in a small township near the southern tip of Taiwan.

Witnesses initially said that the rider crashed into a utility pole near a construction site and was quickly rushed to the hospital in the foreman's car.

According to the Taiwan English News, the 19-year-old crash victim died before he reached the hospital.

While the hospital declared him dead on arrival, they also noted that his injuries were not consistent with a scooter crash. After police were notified of the discrepancy, they watched traffic footage and witnessed the 40-year-old foreman deliberately crashing the scooter into a utility pole.

It turns out that the worker had actually died from falling from the fifth floor onto the second floor of a nearby building currently under construction. The worker wasn't wearing any fall protection gear and authorities even found evidence that the crew tried to cleanup the bloodstains on the second floor. They also found evidence consistent with tools falling from the same height.

Police matched the blood from the second floor to blood found in the back of the foreman's Porsche SUV.

The foreman eventually confessed and said that he covered up the accident to avoid a work stoppage. Since the truth has come to light, the local labor bureau has suspended work at the construction site.

The foreman and workers have been released on bail after paying the equivalent of about $6,500.

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